Thursday, 19 April 2007

Renee Diggs (1954 – 2005)

Renee Diggs was the vibrant lead singer and quite honestly the voice of R&B group Starpoint. Starpoint had a shed load of R&B mega hits in the 1980s. These hits included "Object Of My Desire, See the Light”, “One more Night” and “Its All Yours”.

Starpoint featured Ernesto Phillips (Guitar & Front Vocal – who sadly passed away in 2004), George Phillips (Keyboards & Vocal), Orlando Phillips (Bass, Sax, Keyboards & Vocal), Gregory Phillips (Drums), Kayode Adeymo (Bass & Vocal), and Marvin Ennis (Keyboards). The group started out as Licyndiana (made up from the first few letters of each of the group's sister's Christian names!), but soon changed it because no one could understand or pronounce it.

The band met Renee early on in their career and after hearing her amazing singing voice, installed her as the group's lead singer. Renee also worked as a backing singer with artists like Luther Vandross, Bob James and James Ingram.

During a Starpoint tour, Renee was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and that led to the tour’s cancellation and the eventually disbandment of the band. In 1990, Renee returned to music as a solo artist releasing her debut album, "Oasis" in Europe on the Expansion Records Label.

Renee Diggs who also worked with the likes of Michael Franks and Cliff Dawson, founded the Renee Diggs Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis. On March 18, 2005, Renee Diggs herself passed away in her hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, at the age of 50, from complications of the heart.

Diggs was an incredible vocalist and her voice and charm is sadly missed. Renee -Thanks

Video (Object of My Desire)

Starpoint Official Site


Sandra Davies said...

This is a great tribute. Lovely. I look forward to the soul sisters you drop on this blog. I have a feeling that it will be awesome

Amaka Igwe said...

Great tribute to a great voice

JazzBird said...

Do you know how many guys my age were in love with this women. Great voice and so fine. What a loss

Blithe said...

People should read this.